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This is my first post on my blog and I want it to be perfect, but the problem is I don’t know how and where to start. I work as a virtual assistant (more specifically a link builder) and I have been writing some articles here and there and yet I’m having trouble creating one for my own (ironic isn’t it?!).

I don’t want to mess this up and start with a bang as my friend Macoy of lagawtacoy.com said. My English is not perfect so if you saw a spelling or grammar issues please… keep it to yourself. Just kidding, you can use the comment section or email me to raise your concerns. Anyway, back to our topic…

I have been thinking on what I will be writing and then it struck me, why did I start a blog in the first place?

The “hidden” Passion

My work requires a lot of searching the web and for all the years that I have been doing that, I have seen a couple of travel blogs that I love to read from time to time. And I love looking at photographs of beaches, sunsets, the sky and all things related to nature.

Sunset at Boracay
Sunset at Boracay

I always said to myself I want to do that too, but I never did! Though i see to it that every year our family can go on a beach outing during summertime (March-May) but beyond that, I haven’t done any long distance travel. I never thought that it is one of my hidden passion before, but things changed when me and my girlfriend went to Boracay last year.


It was that time that I realized that i have a thing for traveling and getting lost along the way. Yes we literally get lost on Boracay because we want to explore the white sand beach and the Bulabog Beach (where you can do kitesurfing, parasailing and other wind sports) which is just across the street with each other. To make long story short we got lost on our way back and took us almost half an hour to find the way to our place.

Bulabog Beach
Bulabog Beach

But after realizing that i have this desire within me, I never do anything about it. Not until late last year that my passion for seeing different places and learning what it’s like to be there consumed me. Special thanks to my friends Whelen and Macoy for the inspiration.

Coconut Trees

The Plans

Although plans are made to be broken especially in my case, I’ll set it anyway. I will try to travel on different places here on our country first and hopefully the rest of the world (im open to sponsorship by the way). I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth so that would be challenging for me, since traveling will require extra expenses.  I don’t know if I can travel every month or two but I’ll make sure that “you’ll love where I’ll take you”.

So why did I start this blog?! It is to share my journey and hope to inspire others like me that have a passion for travelling and yet don’t know where to start.

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