Sea Garden Resort: A Fun-filled summer for the Family

Family. A group that consists of parents and children living together in one roof. That is the definition of it according to various textbooks and resource materials. But what is family actually?

For me they are the people who you can run to if you do have any worries or problems that is too much for you to handle alone. They’re the people who can tolerate your tantrums, they’re the people that motivates you to pursue what makes you happy, the one’s that taps your back when you have done something good, the one’s you can share your joys with and the people that love you the most.

And what better way to strengthen the bond between family members is by doing things together; eat, chores, talk, watching TV and traveling together.

It’s been a family habit during the summer to go somewhere where all of us can relax and enjoy. And this year is no different, and the place we picked for this year’s summer outing is Sea Garden Resort.

We choose Sea Garden Resort not because it’s less than an hour ride from our place, but because it has these kiddie pool playground which the kids are excited about.

How to get there

The Sea Garden Resort is located at Brgy. Camangay, Leganes, Iloilo. Check out the map below for preference. It is a 20-30 minutes ride from Iloilo City. We rented a Jeepney that will bring us to the place and fetch us in the afternoon. You may also hire a taxi that can bring you there.

wandering lee - sea garden resort map

Tip: Renting a public jeepney instead of hiring a taxi can save you a lot especially if you are a big group.

The Place

As we arrived at the resort, we noticed the two big pools near the parking area and the kids are so eager to jump right in but unfortunately the pools are not yet open for swimming. So we have explored the place for a bit, they have two main pools, one is being used in an event during our stay. They also have some rooms if you want to stay overnight, which unfortunately we forgot to ask.

Tip: If you are planning to go into the resort at the weekend, expect a lot of crowd.

Infinity Pool

And we also checked out the kiddie pool and the playground which the kids are so excited about. And the playground indeed added fire to their excitement and keep bugging us if they can swim and play. But since it is being cleaned when we arrive, we need to wait for at least an hour for them to be able to play on it.

So we decided to stay on our “Kubo” (which are near the kiddie pool) first and ate our “breakfast” (They don’t allow outside foods) which consists of sandwiches and “lumpia”.

Tip: “Kubo” is more comfy than the “cabanas”. Upon reservation, ask the person you’re talking to if there are available.

And as soon as the pool was opened for swimming, the kids immediately rushed in and started sliding and running to the various slides the pool has.

excited to swim

Planning what to do first

taking a dip

We on the other hand tried their “Infinity pool” and have a great looked at the view that comes with the cool waters provided by the pool. We have played tag in the pool and was screaming as if we owned the place.


At around 10 – 11AM the water is starting to get hot, so we have decided to get back in our kubo and eat our lunch. Upon going to our kubo we called the kids so they can eat their lunch too. But they seemed to be so engrossed in playing that they haven’t heard us calling them. So I went into the pool to get them personally, surprisingly the water in the kiddie pool is cooler as compared to the infinity pool. So instead of taking the kids out, I decided to play with them for a couple of minutes. 😀

After lunch, we get back to swimming, and so are the kids. But the afternoon heat seems too much to bear even though we had sunblock. So we decided to go play with the kids in the kiddie pool instead all afternoon.

We all go home tired (especially the kids) but with a smile on our faces. And as we travel, we can’t help but to relive the things that happened and what we have done and we all started laughing and smiling.

The Sea Garden Resort not only brings happiness to the kids, but it also brings out the kid within us. It helps us relax and re-energize our body and mind. Most importantly, it helps us bond and talk the things that we forgot to talk about at home.

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