La Puerta Al Paraizo: A weekend at Paradise

Guimaras Island is well-known for its world-famous mangoes. These sweet mangoes are being exported from all parts of the world and even reportedly served in Buckingham Palace and White House  (wow!).

But Guimaras is not all about mangoes, it’s also well-known for its natural beauty and tourist spots such as Lawi Sea Turtle Sanctuary, Trappist Monastery and white sand beaches on Alubihod. And since our travel to Boracay last year, me and my girlfriend decided to take another trip to a similar place but is less crowded and has more privacy, that’s where we found La Puerta Al Paraizo.

How to get there

From Iloilo City you will need to go to Ortiz wharf (hire a taxi) to ride a ferry going to Jordan wharf, the travel time is around 15-20 minutes to reach the wharf, here’s a more detailed guide on how to get to Guimaras. From there, you will need to hire a “tricycle” or “multicab” to reach La Puerta Al Paraizo which is located at Brgy. San Roque, Nueva Valencia Guimaras.

la puerta al Paraizo location

Tip: Stop by on the tourism office at Jordan wharf so they can assist you of your chosen vehicle and properly documented you. They will list the name of the driver, your name, your destination and the plate number of the vehicle for documentation.

After traveling for 30-40 minutes on road and an estimated 7-10 minutes grueling travel on a rocky and uneven terrain we have reach the place. Since we are too early for their opening, the gate was closed yet a guard open it up upon seeing us.

You will be greeted by luscious greeneries and an array of beautiful trees that looks to me as royal guards greeting their royal highness.


The Place

Wow! This is the word we utter upon seeing the place. The not-so-pleasant travel to reach the place was rewarded by the scenery that you often see on Instagram and other photography sites.

Breathtaking Views
Breathtaking Views

We have entered our room and was again mesmerized by the beauty of the place and the view of it from our window is just so breathtaking. The room is clean, has an aircon, a queen-size bed, a hot and cold shower, a mini fridge and most of all no TV or wifi that will distract the both of you.

Our Room
Inside and outside view of our room

Upon leaving our things we just took a quick change and head out to explore the place. The waters are so clear that seemed to be inviting us to take a dip and have a feel of its splendor. The beach front has no people on it (during that time) which adds some romantic air to the scene.

Crystal Clear Waters
Crystal Clear Waters

The place also has a pool but it seem under maintenance at that time.

Also one thing you shouldn’t miss is the island hopping. You just need to inquire in the reception area also served as the main restaurant that you want to do some island hopping and they will inform you on the availability of the boat that will take you.

This activity is a must, not only because of the beautiful islets and mangroves you’ll see on the trip but also it’s one of those times that a simple cuddle from the person you love gives a soothing and calming effect in your whole being.

Island Hopping
Islan Hopping Views

Tip: Stop by and take some memorable photos at the floating cottage and the hidden beach at Taklong Island.

Do not miss the sunset! It is one of the most spectacular photo you will get in your travel to this place.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

All I can say is that La Puerta Al Paraizo is indeed a gateway to paradise. It is perfect for couples who want to have alone time with each other away from the distractions of social media and internet. This will not only give both of you some romantic moments but also a chance to talk about the things that the two of you have inside but forgot to tell each other due to the pressure and stress made by the city life. Which is true for both of us, and La Puerta Al Paraizo is one of those place that we’ll surely go back into whenever things get rough and stress are too much to bear.

Heads Up:

If you are planning to update your facebook status or post your snapshots on Instagram, you’ll be disappointed. The place has no internet access and no decent mobile signal. There are instances that you might get one at the restaurant near the employees entrance.

Helpful Information:


  • Ferry: Php 14.00
  • Tricycle: Php 500.00
  • Multicab: Php 700.00

La Puerta Al Paraizo Room Rates:

  • Standard Room is Php2800
  • Double Room is Php3600
  • Hilltop Room is Php3600 (the room with the most amazing view) ( highly recommended)
  • All rooms has aircon, hot/cold showers and great views

*Prices as  of this writing

Island Hopping:

  • Php 500.00/hour additional Php 200.00/hour


  • No

Swimming Pool:

  • Under Maintenance (when we were there last April 2016)

For more information on discounts, room amenities and availability please see contact below.


You can email Miss Helen at for your inquiries or message Miss Lotlot at the following numbers 0927 507 9024 / 0905 230 9910

If you found this article interesting or helpful, please do share it with you friends. 🙂 In the event that there’s a wrong information or price changes please let us know so we can update the article.

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