Iloilo River Esplanade: Nature at the heart of the City

It’s been a while seen I last visited the place and I was surprised on how greatly it had improved. If you are in Iloilo City, do not forget to include this charming place in your itinerary.The eco-park was designed by Paolo Alcazaren (also designed the Singapore river esplanade and quay) and opened to the public last August 18, 2012. It is designed to protect the rich mangroves growing at the edge of Iloilo River. It is by far the longest landscaped river esplanade that stretches from Diversion Road to Carpenter Bridge. Enough with the boring stuff…

Fun Things to do in Iloilo River Esplanade:

The eco-park is a haven for fitness enthusiasts. You’ll see a lot of people both old and young stretching, fast walking, jogging, dancing, etc… But now, those are only some of the many things you can do on this lovely place. And here are some of them:



Whether you are a couple or group of friends Iloilo river esplanade is great place to strengthen those bonds and have fun together.


Enhance your Photography Skill

The place is crawling with lush green trees and plants which makes a perfect subject if you are trying to develop or start a career in photography.




Appreciate Nature

As mentioned above the place is full of various trees and plants, and with the magnificent Iloilo River in sight, nature lover or not, you’ll definitely appreciate the beauty of nature on this place.



Be Fit

If you are the type of person that always looks out for your health then you’ll certainly meet the same people at Iloilo river esplanade. Joggers, dancers and yoga practitioners are all common sights in the place. You can also try wall climbing if you do want something that requires a bit of challenge. So if you are looking for a place to stay fit with a great scenery as bonus, this place is highly recommended.



Spend time with the Family

Park are always been a go-to place for the family to have fun and relax, and Iloilo River Esplanade does this with flying colors! You can let the kids run, pedal bike or ride a boat (more information on their Facebook Page).



Photo by: Esplanade River Ride


The best time to visit and wander Iloilo River Esplanade is during early morning and late afternoon where the sun is still low and be at awe on the beauty of both the sunrise and sunset.


And don’t forget to take a snap at the iconic #iamiloilo, it’s like an unwritten rule that you should take post with it if you’re a first-time visitor. Also if you feel like your stomach is looking for something to munch on don’t worry, minimarts and cafe’s are just waiting for you at the end of the park.


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